The Offal Club

Started in 2008 as a series of casual feasts amongst friends, The Offal Club has developed into an institution dedicated to the appreciation of the innards and extremities of the beasts that grace our dining tables.

We organise feasts where our members have the rare opportunity to enjoy expertly cooked offal dishes and the curious uninitiated have the best possible introduction to the pleasures of the Fifth Quarter.

We also host classes on butchery, cookery and knife skills. We aim to empower people with the knowledge to explore their full carnivore potential, way beyond the styrofoam wrapped world of the supermarket meat counter.



photography by Paul Statham

photography by Paul Statham


And why Offal?

Because it's good.

If cooked with love and care, offal offers a palette of flavors unequaled by muscle meat. It's also very good for you. Organ meat is a powerhouse storage of essential nutrients (vitamins, minerals and pure fats) in quantities found nowhere else on the animal. 

There's also an important environmental side to eating offal. By consuming offal meat that would otherwise be thrown away or lesser known cuts that would be used in food byproducts, we are maximizing the potential of every animal carcass, thus ensuring less wastage and that fewer animals need to be reared.

And it's respectful. It's polite to not waste the food that was paid for with a life.